Fantastic Cappuccino at Zola’s Café- Auburn, WA

We feature great artists from various genres. Jazz, Rock, Folk Music and much more. We keep our selection interesting and eclectic. Bring your friends or take your spouse out for a Friday night date. Enjoy, coffee, wine or a cold beer(s) during the show.
Zolasa coffee, sugar and spice
Zola’s Café is where coffee, food, and art meet in Auburn. We offer a warm, friendly environment- a fantastic spot to meet with friends to relax. Our Black Scotty Chai has the perfect blend of cinnamon and nutmeg-both spicy and sweet, it makes you feel warm and cozy! Add shots of espresso to make it a dirty chai that tastes like gingerbread.
Vegeterian delight Zolas
Whether you are vegetarian or not, we DEFINITELY recommend our eggplant panini! Grilled to perfection with our Focaccia bread, pesto mayo, olive tapenade, tomato paste, feta and provolone cheese. This deliciously messy Panini is packed with flavor that is sure to leave you full and satisfied!